July 19, 2017

My Fellow Fans of Raider Music,

Earlier this summer, I was visiting a college campus with my wife, Mary, and oldest daughter, Abigail, a rising senior. As we passed by the campus chapel, we heard trumpets bouncing amazing high notes off the side of the building to rain down on us. Following scattered signs as best we could to where we needed to be, we nearly ran over a group of mellophones working on some stylish visuals. As the day progressed, we saw more of the group, always practicing hard and looking sharp. I was reminded of how great marching season is. We later found out this was the summer camp for the Blue Coats, the defending DCI World Class champions. I look forward to seeing some of that sparkle in our Raider Marching Band this year.

I hope this will be the first of some regular President's Message updates. To start, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bill Spengler; I'm the slightly less furry one on the right. This is my second year serving as the Boosters President. Mary and I have two students in the music programs at BHS this year: Abigail, who plays trombone in both concert and jazz ensembles, and sings in two choirs, and Madelyn, an incoming freshman, who plays clarinet, alto sax, and sings in choir. We have one more, Zachary, who's carrying on with dad's old trumpet at Jane Addams, and dreaming of being a Raider. Mary also serves as chair for Band Chaperones and Plant Sale committees. We're committed to this organization because we believe strongly that music performance is an important part of our culture and community, and that music education makes our children better overall students and citizens.

I am honored to have been asked to lead the BHS Music Boosters again this year. I am proud to be affiliated with such a dedicated organization. Together with the other members of our executive board, and our many talented, hard-working committee chairs, I look forward to growing the organization and supporting our children.

We have an exciting fall in front of us:

  • Marching season gets fully underway Monday, July 24th with Band Camp; football games, parades and competitions are just around the corner
  •  Fall concerts start in mid-October with choir performances, and continue into November with band programs
  •  Madrigal Dinner in early December is a spectacular event in the Renaissance tradition
  •  We culminate 2017 with our fabulous annual holiday concerts

Please refer to the Google calendar for a complete view of music activities. We are always in need of volunteers for these events and activities, and encourage you to join us. We’re also always looking for more talent and creativity within the Booster organization. We meet the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm in the choir room. Come to a meeting, check us out, and find where you’d like to be involved. Don’t forget to join the Music Boosters as an official member (download the form). Also remember to get your Spirit Wear! It’s a great way to show support! You can order online, or you can find our Spirit Wear team set up at most of our events.

Warm regards,
Bill Spengler