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Romeoville High School Marching Band Competition

Romeoville High School Band Competition Schedule!
Please note this is a much earlier day so please plan accordingly to get your students back to BHS on time.

8:30am-10:30 Rehearsal

Pit, DL, Sousaphones, Baritones, Trombones, Mellophones, and Low Reeds - deliver your instruments to the equipment dads at the end of rehearsal.

Students back at 12:00 to get uniforms and load buses.12:20 departure

12:45 Arrive at RHS

Watch bands, get a snack, use the rest room, be respectful.

1:15 back to the buses to get dressed and assemble instruments. Do not play your instruments in the parking lot…no exceptions.

1:45 line up

1:55 warm up

2:45 performance

Return to the bus, put away your equipment, change clothes, and go back to the stadium to watch the remaining bands.

4:30 Awards

Return to the bus immediately after awards.

5:15 Home