We Need You!!! Call for Volunteers

In addition to the Executive Board, the BHS Music Boosters is also seeking volunteers to fill committee chair positions being vacated by “graduating” parents. These roles include:

Advertising & Publicity — Arranges for publicity and advertising for band and choir events. Types of publicity include newspapers, village signs, web sites and posters. Coordinate with the district Public Relations staff member who will disseminate to all public sources.

Band Chaperones — Responsible for recruiting and coordination of volunteers to assist with all functions that require adult supervision, including all Marching Band functions, Jazz Band functions, competitions, fund raisers, and concerts.

Band Camp Lunches — Responsible for collection of fees for band camp lunches, obtaining donations of food, purchasing food, coordinating volunteers to help serve lunches, and coordinating lunch plans with directors.

Equipment & Property — Responsible for maintenance and repairs of Marching Band support equipment; maintains the Music Boosters trailer and arranges truck transportation for Marching Band competitions. Performs repairs to miscellaneous property as requested by the Directors.

Membership — Champions the yearly membership drive; maintains a current list of BHS Music Booster members.

Photo Historian — Takes photos at band and choir events throughout the year. Provides public access to photos for students, families, and Music Booster members via the web. Saves photos onto backup media for future reference.


If interesting in one of these roles, please contact Bill Spengler, President (via email at bhsmusicbooster@gmail.com, or text on 331-220-9310)

Please see the Boosters Constitution for additional details on eligibility, roles and duties (https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5280f6a6e4b05ebb58c352f2/t/5407395ae4b0cd91b7e77690/1409759578565/2014+Constitution++By-Laws.pdf )